• Hauling building materials: Bulk bags easily haul building materials like lumber, stone, cement, asphalt and metal components. You can store and transport these materials in the same bags, and the construction super sacks fit snugly onto pallets, trucks and shelves for easy management.


  • Moving and storing sand and gravel: FIBCs are also useful if you’re working with finer materials like sand and gravel. Their secure construction and optional top closures mean they won’t leak or spill even when transporting large quantities.


  • Cleanup: After finishing a construction project, you may have heaps of debris to haul away. FIBCs offer the strength and flexibility you need for quick, efficient cleanup.


  • Eco-friendly business practices: If your construction business has committed to boosting consumer confidence and satisfaction by reducing environmental impact, used bulk bags can be a crucial part of your green initiatives. Buying used bulk bags helps keep polypropylene plastics out of our landfills and reduces the fossil fuel consumption associated with the production of new FIBCs.